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My Adobe Friends!

Posted: February 16, 2012 in People

FOREWORD: This is a post that is dedicated to my friends in Adobe. The matter and content of this post is best understood by and most relevant to my friends whose references are made in the post. Hence the intended audience to this post are my friends from Adobe.

17th Feb2012: My last day at Adobe!! It doesn’t feel complete without taking time to mention you guys who made my stay here so much fun! Even silliest of events got so memorable, only because of you guys. Remember how we always had something to say in the last hour on the last day at work? I have lots to say too, and I am penning them down here so u have ur share too!

Jumping straight to the point, I am taking all of u one by one to scrutiny,so face it!

ACHALA: The sizzler
’bout U: Shez moody, shez outright, shez a drama queen, shez ebullient, shez loud. But what the hell, I like it loud! +10 for all the dramebaazi that she does. Xoxo 🙂
She makes a perfect friend for me and i haaate losing her friendship! We share gregarious instincts, and that’s what tea times are for. We loooooooove tea time —  Gossip, and more gossip!
Retrospect this: U know Achala is workin’ hard when: a) she has at least one big argument with Sailesh b) She is all around the aisle and there is a gush of storm where ever she goes c) you hear her blast her project BSA on phone d) And soon after that she and I leave for for tea…
Pick words: the thing is thaat…,tough ide.

AMIT: My confidant
’bout U: He ‘bhaav-khaao’s like no other:) Not many people can really interpret his silence. He normally comes across as a docile person… but when u r friends with him, you get to see the other side of him: witty, silly and his best!
Tea times are very important,coz a secret a day keeps boredom at bay.
Retrospect this: Like it was not enough sharing the room with the boss, he shared the toothpaste as well in Mangalore! Now lets just hope he stopped at that.
Pick words: Wait,let him first talk, and then you can try to pick words from that!! 😛

KUNAL: The stud
’bout U: Kunal is Kunal, he first decides if he wants to be arrogant and mean, OR if he wants to be sweet and helpful. And when he is the later, he’z a darling, I swear!
Former?, Ask Achala…!
Like I know him, He is an absolute convivial, a go-getter, and a warm friend. Looks like a model. Well?? Or atleast, some one in pink pants thinks so 🙂
Retrospect this: Kunal blocked Ms.Pink pants on Gtalk after she complimented him for his looks 😀 How ruuuuuuuude!
Pick words: Aaj lunch keliye bahaar chalte hain…!

SAILESH: The sweeetest!
’bout U: Saaailesh is from Orissa, Land of temples, land of floods and land of Maoists too. And i love teasing him for that! 🙂
Hez the sweetest of the lot and I cant reiterate enough! Pluky at work, very helping and inspiring.
Retrospect this: What was meant to be a life time secret was brought to light by a candid picture of Sailesh taken in Ooty!Now, Kunal, was that your candid camera?
Pick words: arey baba, no re baba. And ofcourse, not to forget Sailesh’s universal password that the whole Web team knows: letmein

DEEPAK: The chipper
’bout U: Deepak is slapstick, witty, jovial and fun. He is the gossip guy too, his involvement makes any gossip complete and spicy 😛
Deepak is very friendly by nature and is the first one to go n talk to any new comer in the web team!
Retrospect this: He made a hearty and a very significant contribution to the ‘Adieu Ms. Pink Pants’ episode. Little did she know such a day would come when she made the (in)famous statement that she wants a guy like Deepak for a husband!!!
Pick words: Cant think of one, any bids???

GAURAV: Mr. Nice guy
’bout U: Gaurav Rihan was the guy who did my buggy test round during interview.
Generous in suggestions, gentle n caring and always smiling 🙂
Retrospect this: Gaurav is Sweet…Very sweet…soo sweet that he didn’t mind sharing his cubicle with Ms. Pink pants when ever she wanted. We rarely got to see Gaurav alone in his cube those days! Keep up the spirit Gaurav, Work is worship 🙂
Pick words: Good hain, ..Sir Ji

MOUMITA: The decorous
’bout U: Moumita comes across as a silent person. But when you make her your friend, you will know that she talks enough to make you feel good. Shez gentle, caring and warm hearted. Shez a perfect friend material.
She officially took over the ‘Bouncer’ title after Achala left Adobe. She is doing better than Achala actually, she bounces at the rate of 3 times a day. Right Amit?
Retrospect this: Moumita is a good listener, she only listens to us conversing about salary and bonus, but she never reveals/shares her’s. Didn’t i say shez a quiet person?!
Pick words: Lunch!! Saloni…Chaloni! (that’s how she calls ppl for lunch)

KANCHAN: Pathaka
’bout U: Everytime Kanchan and I begin a conversation, it gets saucy. We normally begin talking across the cubicle, but end up chatting on Gtalk after a while since we can’t say it loud 😀
How can I forget this!!! Kanchan and I once went to ask permission to leave early when he was in good mood, and ‘the man’ gave us permission just like we expected, but we didnt expect this coming from him – “Fine, you can leave early ,Enjoooy, go n bang!” BANG?!?!? ^%^$%@$$#@!# We needed a min there to get back to Gtalk and digest what he said before leaving for the day 😛
Retrospect this: Someone called Kanchan aside and asked ‘the Kanchan'(now u knw who that some one is) to tell this other colleague not to wear short tops while gyming. well, i don’t know if she was able to get the message across, but Kanchan did wear a long tee herself next day! That message was not for u sweety, he likes it short as far as u are concerned 😛
Pick words: no pick words, shez not that repetitive!

LONG HAIL the KINGMAKER…All of you “please tries” to shout that out loud along with me.
And no one shouted?? no wonder, u guys have made it to his hate list, unlike ‘the Kanchan’!!