Reservations – A Dogma that needs rethinking

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Social

Foremost, I am not here discussing any religion and fighting for any communal rights, nor am I using this to degrade/out shadow a religion/caste and their ways.
That said, coming straight to the point, I see absolutely no sense in Reservations by compromising standards and quality.
Going by the very Indian Reservation acts, the constitution has made certain provisions for the Protection of Rights & Privileges of deprived communities (although I don’t see what these communities are indeed deprived of today!!), where by, intolerably high percentage of seats in education institutions and all government jobs are reserved in favor of the so called backward/minority groups.
Leave alone getting into discussing if the very act of reserving seats is right or wrong, lets save the discussions for later.
But what is beyond my comprehension is that if the government is keeping aside a percentage of seats in colleges/jobs to be distributed merely based on caste and community, then, doesn’t it mean to say that the government is compromising on the quality of the outgoing graduates/work delivered to that degree?

If the intention is to encourage minority community and help them be seen in various fields, then, it makes sense for the government to allot seats to the backward community on merit basis and for a lesser fee. Encouragement can be given in many more ways, by providing the backward/poor classes education at subsidized rates and providing them with free study materials.

Every year, about 27,000 doctors graduate from Indian medical colleges out of which a meager 15% to 25% come from general merit seats!
If this is the scene each year for medical courses alone, we can calculate the shocking figures of percentage of general merit seats when all other educational fields and government jobs are put together.
With this kind of promise to credibility, India will only emerge to be less competent globally. Also, this is one of the main reasons why students with good grades almost instantaneously consider migrating abroad for studies and better and fair opportunities, as a result of which, the best doctors, management icons and other intellectuals from India are serving elsewhere rather than in India.

For one, lets say you yourself belong to a minority community, if you knew the surgeon operating on your heart has not been a merit student and has come up
only with the aid of the bias in the system, would you still consider having him operate on you? wouldn’t you opt for a better skilled and a genuinely good doctor?

All said and done, I would like to ask those availing such reservation facilities if they feel good about being offered such a concession on grades and scores simply because they are a minority.
Isn’t it an embarrassment to them and their community by itself?
The message given out laterally by such reservations and quota system is this: The fact that you belong to such a community implies that you lack intellectual ability to compete fairly and you are not in par with those from general merit and so, you need a reservation and quota system in place to climb up the ladder and make a place for yourself.

Quota system must be banned if India must emerge as an arguably strong, promising and intellectual nation and give good competition globally.
Any such compromise on the military standards, medical abilities, political leadership, army, navy and air force and even sports for that matter directly goes to say that we cant have our best men on the job, which means that we are placing the expectation bar so low for ourselves when it comes to quality and productivity.
“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” (Abraham Lincoln).

  1. jyothsna says:

    good post !! its an insult to think that one needs reservations to compete with ones peer !! how absolutely embarassing that would be…the very fact that they consider it as a good sign shows that they are intellectually far behind and should not be considered for anything in this social setup

  2. Sukla M C says:

    Good post, i agree to your views about reservation.Your example for Medical (PG) Students.(I just have one small problem with it)1> I will trust my life in the hands of such a doctorI have about close to 20 friends who are doctors (who have recently for a PG seat, or working at getting one)I have little statistics (from a class of 100 people) as to who1> got a merit seat2> who got married3> WHO PAID FOR A SEAT4> who got a seat under reservationThe major Danger is ONE WHO PAID (lakhs/crores) for a seat ..(but i do know of one friend who is studying pretty well after getting a management seat)THE DIFFERENCE in marks a reservation seat holder or a merit seat holder . . .I just SMALL (Luck can be more significant than … Reservation)JUST FIND OUT THE % of SEATS WHICH COME UNDER MANAGEMENT… then rethink about the example you have provided here.

  3. U r very right man! I agree with you cent percent. management seats are something every field has, too bad as it is, you cant help it!besides, management seats are created and handled privately, which makes it worse.Any Quota system, be it management or reservation, leads to compromise in quality, just the same.

  4. Sukla M C says:

    Reservation has its pro's and con's …Con's that's what this discussion is aboutThe Pro's -it's for those who get reservation benefits.Is it justifiedYES & NO …Yes – because discrimination based on caste STILL EXISTS(untouchability and extreme acts my not be present today. BUT still exists in "polished" forms ….people want their Clothes Ironed before somebody's from a lower caste are ironed.Housemaids/servants are told not to work at houses where people of some caste stay, AND these servants don't work at those houses even if they get a better pay(the servants work at several houses, and some employers don't like their employees work at certain houses)============================================Most (maybe 75% or even more) do not bother about caste/religion etc.Its the minority (5 – 10 % ) who make reservation justified.these minority generally go out of their way to cause harm…=============================================

  5. Soumya says:

    Excellent post. I totally agree with your views about reservation.I just do not understand how reserving seats for deprived communities can help them in their upliftment when they are really not competent enough.

  6. Sukla M C says:

    @SoumyaI do not agree with you saying “NOT COMPETENT ENOUGH”

  7. The point I am trying say is just this: Everybody must be judged ONLY by merit. Minority groups can be uplifted and encouraged in many other ways like giving subsidiaries, free books/uniforms, etc.

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