Those were the best days of my Life!!!

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Love, Life, Laughter, People

Nostalgia…School’s Calling…
I just look back at the years that have passed by, all the emotions and thoughts stirred in my brain at once, and walk ahead to face the next day that’s in store for me, with a shrug on my shoulder and a smile on my face, nothing really to say.
Yes, I just have nothing more to say!! When you remember school, more often than not, you just have nothing more than probably “Those were the best days of my life :)” to say!!
Why is it that we spend more than 10 years in school and yet, we yearn for more schooling?
We have all the money in the world now but still cant buy those precious bygone moments with best friends within the walls of a classroom.
Now, I have no homework to do(just have thankless never ending work at office), no punishments for talking in class and being naughty(I would rather stay mum now to save some energy and restore peace), no black marks for poor performances(needless to talk about carrot and stick policy in IT companies), no complaints from teachers written in our diaries to bring back home(nobody really cares anymore, just make sure the work is done), no impositions to write for not doing home work(I have forgotten how to hold the pen in my hand,for now, I only type).
no rounds to run during Physical training (PT) periods for not polishing shoes(I lack fresh air and good exercise), no more waiting for school vans to pick up and drop(now that I do the job of a driver too, driving to and back from work everyday) no red circles marked in note books for spelling mistakes(no scpe fr spelln’ mstkes while smsing u c), no getting drenched in rain on the way back home and lying at home that I never found shelter(Is it raining? I am at office, no open windows, I didn’t realize) no more crushes and blushes(lets get serious in life, how much does the guy earn? ), no more giggling in the class during lectures till your stomach hurts(My stomach hurts all the time now, I eat at work place), no standing on the podium with a spark in the eyes to receive Individual championships, medals and certificates(I now compete for a star performer of the year/bravo awards) no sleepless nights thinking about crushes in school(I have a boy friend now, no choices anymore), and yet I love my school days and give anything to get back to school.
I now miss just anything and everything about my school- Stealthily nibbling chikkies, chocolates and channa(remember ‘Take It’ channa for Rs.5/- ?) during classes, linking and pairing up my friends with other guys n gals in the classroom, throwing chalk pieces and paper parachutes randomly at others and pretending like I am not aware of it, sharing and leaking small secrets amongst us and making a scandal out of it the next day, by-hearting a poem and delivering the poem before the whole class, kneeling down near the board with hands up for being mischievous in class. Oh, I so miss my friends too, who made my schooling very special:-
Jo – my best friend(Now after 13 long years, we still are inseparable), Divya, cute little girl with a sparkle in her eyes – with whom I studied from class 1 to class 10, Ranjani – we have laughed endlessly, and continued to laugh after school,even at home, Anu- The Ever blushing chick, Vivek H N- Guy with a great sense of humor,Prashanth- The scandalous and most notorious,my male counterpart for School Sports Captain – we used to religiously cat fight every day, Sukla – Mr. Hot tempered,Pavithra, Archana – the Karanth Sisters, Sudi- One to secretly share with me all the ‘guys-only-secrets’ safeguarded by our class guys, one of my closest friends, Manoj – not too loud, but the master mind behind most mischiefs, Rajini – prettiest of all faces, Lakshmi- the first ranker, Chotta-shortest of the lot but the most mischievous, Vani -The PJ queen, and the list goes on…

The sports day celebrations, the punishments, exams, gossips make me nostalgic even to this day.
How every silly little thing seemed important to me then! We were just not aware of anything beyond our note books, exams, friends, secrets, ranks, clean uniforms, little crushes. Even new/fancy pencils and erasers could bring a bright smile on our faces and a single mark more than our counterparts in tests could make our day.

Everyday would begin with a long prayer, followed by NEWS reading and thought for the day.
Classes would commence and we would start counting minutes left for short break.
Lunch breaks were never enough for all the talks and gossips and teasing and playing around that we did.
It was almost impossible to sit through the ‘Last period’ of the day, all of us would pack our bags before hand and wait for the bell to Go.
Just how can i forget this prayer, every day in school had to end with this cute little prayer, with folded hands and closed eyes:-

School is over for the day
Done out work and done our play
Thank you God for the beautiful day
Guard our school by night and day.
Thank you God.
Good Evening teacher, Thank you teacher.

  1. Sukla M C says:

    Memories :)Put What you have written about me in BOLD, I Have kind of lost my reputation of late. he he he& the prayer was the most awaited one :)PS: How about bringing back some of the GOSSIP (don't put names… we can guess the people involved anyway)

  2. jyothsna says:

    simply fantastic !!!!! all the things said and done way back in our school days brings so much joy thinking now :)p.s : thnx for being my best friend !!!!!jo

  3. Ajay Gupta says:

    Truely much memories with school and this article is refreshing them all.”How every silly little thing seemed important to me then!” – very rightly said.@Shukla, good to know that you have lost your reputation off late 🙂

  4. Meghana says:

    i share similar sentiments about school too!! i am sure a lot of people do…. schools are indeed the phase in one’s life that one cannot forget, for it plays oo important a role in one’s life. Reading your blog, i went down the memory lane myself .Even so , i would not like to turn back time and go back to school, even if i had a chance to do so . Memories of school days would always remain special and sweet and never fail to bring a smile on the face!!!

  5. Paddy says:

    I should also be there somewhere.Memories play such a wierd role, it makes u laugh when u think of the moments that made u cry and makes u cry thinking about the moments which u spent laughing with ur buddies just leaving us wondering will those days come yet again ?Our schooling days, the foundation of what we are today. Words seem so inadequate to express the feel of missing those days and friends. It was indeed a heaven called St pauls english school.RegardsPradeep Kumar

    • Absolutely!! “it makes u laugh when u think of the moments that made u cry and makes u cry thinking about the moments which u spent laughing with ur buddies just leaving us wondering will those days come yet again ” Very well said, you have summed it all up in one sentence. Thank you for visiting my blog, Pradeep 🙂

  6. nostalgia is like the english makes the past perfect and the present tense.

  7. Soumya says:

    Beautifully written. Wonder how you can pen down the memories so beautifully. It took me back to my school days. You have a very special way of writing. esp these sentences are very good – Now, I have no homework to do(just have thankless never ending work at office)Good Evening teacher, Thank you teacher. Keep writing:)

  8. Thank you guys! i am so glad you liked it 🙂 I reallllly miss school 😦

  9. Teju says:

    OMG! I was literally taken down the memory lane! What fun we had back then, I can’t think of a single teacher whom I had not troubled!
    And the prayer… well, what can I say, I have traveled back in time when we used to sing this & ‘this is my prayer to tee my lord…’ How I wish we could go back to those times again, when princi Jayanthi mam & Savithri mam were our only nightmares… I’m lost, Pratibha, lost in time, lost in sweet recollections. Thanks for this post & the joy it brought along! 🙂

    • My pleasure! Teju, I think it would still be fun if we could catch up some time. After all, school friends are school friends…You know… I am sure we could sit on endless gossips and giggles 😀

      • Teju says:

        Absolutely, I got no doubts about it! We should catch up & catch up soon, that too! Do let me know of the plans, if made already. 🙂

  10. Whoa! I am excited Teju. Rest of it, lets take it offline. I will email u soon 🙂

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