Masala Dosa, By-2 Coffee.

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Love, Life, Laughter

Slrrrup, Slrrrrup!

If you are a Bangalorian, you will definitely agree that there is nothing more refreshing than this combi – Masala dosa, by-2 coffee.
Well, many reasons for that.
One, even in just any mediocre restaurants in any galli of Blore, Dosas and Coffee taste good.
So you don’t have to think twice before ordering a dosa and a cuppa hot strong coffee.
Two, this is easily the most affordable and delicious filling item you can order and feel good about!
Three, I think By-2 coffee concept is cooool ๐Ÿ™‚
Its not for Nothing that you see ppl crowded at different Dosa points in almost every locality in Blore.
Some of the best places in Blore for Dosa and coffee are Ganesh Bhavan(Jayanagar 3rd Block), CTR(Malleshwaram), Vidhyarthi Bhavan(Gandhi Bazaar), Mmmmmm, yummmmieee.
I am sure you can keep this list going.
Recently Best Dosa-Coffee contest was launched in Blore and Ganesh Bhavan won the crown!!

My opinion on preferred dishes always stand the same:-
In spite of the the variety of dishes easily available in the best of restaurants now,like Chinese, Italian, continental, yada yada yada, dishes like masala dosa,idli-vada-sambar, pani puri-tikki puri-boti masala, and even Corn(muskin joLa ) and softy (:-)) will never go out of vogue, at least as long as people like me exist on earth!
One more thing that i think is most romantic is stopping by a dhaba or a ‘kaka aangadi’ (if you know what i mean) for a cup of tea. Nothing can beat that!
Also, the very fact that these are very cheap and affordable makes them taste even better . Agree or disagree ?!
Of course, needless to say we must always keep hygiene in mind when we decide to stop by a road side shop.

Now, shout with me-
Dosa – Coffee, ZINDAABAD!

  1. Dabu says:

    DOSA COFFEE ZINDABAD !!3 Cheers !! Hip hip Hurray !!Absolutely, benne dose with a big chunk of butter melting on hot dosa is just mouth watering.. (shucks, my belt is tightening up..)And drinking endless cuppa of /2 or is it by-2 or is it One by 2.. I simply like the way the “shouter” in the stall informs the kitchen when you order.. Gosh! the whole restaurant knows what you ordered.. now, Hurray to the Author!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Brandy says:

    DOSA!!!! My all time favorite…… A hot masala dosa paired with a fresh cup of hot coffee especially while its cold and pouring outside….. sheer ecstacy….!!!And a true Bangalorian will know the magic of this combination………..

  3. jyothsna says:

    you are absolutely right !!! my favourite sunday routine would be breakfast at vidhyarti bhavan !!!!

  4. Slrrrrrup!!!!!!!Hey I can see a Tsunami happening here due to my slrrrrrup ;)Why did you remind me of Bengaluru dosa :(Bangalore Eatouts ROCK!!!!DOSA – COFFEE, ZINDAABAD!

  5. Paddy says:

    WOW!!! Absolutely, all this with a right company will make it even more refreshing. Masale dose by-2 coffee ah ha bariyakke istu chennagide.

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